Gospo Shoes Boutique web design

Gospo shoe Boutique online shop

Lomsko Pivo Website Redesign

Redesign of Lomsko Pivo Brewery website with a mobile version

Mashvisor Pricing page

Create a pricing page with comparison of the three subscription plans both for desktop and mobile friendly usability

Mashvisor Property page hero redesign

Design of new property page hero with the most valuable insights for the property

Mtex Professional Book Cover and Business Cards design

Product catalogue cover and business cards design

Mtex Professional Digital marketing ads

Design of digital marketing ads for marketing campaigns linked to the company's website

NutriGen Product Carousel

Product carousel of NutriGen web design

Clean and mobile friendly web design on Wordpress

Smile factory 3d logo sign and indoor design elements

Concept idea and realisation of dental clinic Smile Factory indoor sign with scandinavian moss

Smile factory Dental Clinics website redesign

I was responsible for both for design and site development on Wordpress

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