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Gospo Shoes
Gospo shoe Boutique online shop

Gospo shoe boutique connected with me for web design of the company's web store. They are based in Berlin and have a physical store but due to Covid 19 there was an urgent need to run a webstore.

The chosen platform is Open Card and my responsibilities were to make the overall component styling to have a stylish and modern fashion look.


The product niche of the brand is high-quality leather shoes and accessories. The brand aims to give option to women who want to state their personality with bold vision - colorful and high quality shoes. everyone who want to make an impression with women most loved style accessories - shoes and bags.

The project included 4 phases:

  • reviewing the existing template pages
  • styling the components in figma
  • prototyping
  • hand on to the developer

The process started with the brand feel. We chose the minimal and monochrome color palette as the shoes the company is selling are colorful and we want the user attention to be on the products not the styling. After testing 3 different monochrome palettes we chose the one which had least contrast - always black and white is the right option when you want to have the stylish look and feel.

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